10 Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Look Like a Designer De interior

designer de interior

Design is not something I’m familiar with, but if you look at my apartment it’s obvious that the only thing this is good for is keeping me warm. You can see some pictures of my place over here. But I must admit: it looks pretty cool! Clever interior design is one of those things that makes a house beautiful and livable, and every home should have some kind of stylistic theme.

Some people just choose to go all out with high-tech gadgets such as automatic blinds or interactive lighting schemes, but there are also more subtle ways to show off your creativity. The following list contains 10 clever ideas to inject character into your living space – without having to spend a lot on expensive renovations or furniture:

Quirky and creative lighting:

A man standing in front of a table

Who says light fixtures have to be boring? A ceiling lamp with a string and tin can shade looks just as good as one made of brushed steel and glass and adds some character to an otherwise dull room.

Mirror on the wall:

A person standing in front of a window posing for the camera

Don’t put them on the furniture – hang them against a wall! Mirrors are an easy way to make any space seem brighter and larger than it actually is. They’re also great for playing tricks on your friends.

Retro console tables:

If you want more storage in your living room without having to stuff things away behind closed doors, try out these adorable DIY console tables that come complete with shelves for books or vintage video game consoles.

Fake plants that don’t die :

Everyone loves greenery, but no one is above killing a few innocent plants. If you’re not that into the idea of having spider plants taking over your entire apartment, try out this solution by British designer Chris Wild which uses PVC pipes to create an artificial forest on the wall. On top of being good for the environment, it’s also way cheaper than adding dozens of real ferns.

Use cabinets as shelves:

Cabinets are great for storing things away, but they can also be used as storage space while still maintaining an open and airy look! Using objects such as ceramic pots allows you to add color and humidity to any room while showing off your favorite books and trinkets at the same time.

Bookshelf wallpaper:

Do I need to say anything else? This is maybe the greatest thing ever invented, and you can get it from Amazon for less than $10. It’s also a great way of hiding ugly stains on your walls.

Wire curtains:

No money for fancy curtains? No problem! These wire hooks allow you to hang up nice-looking fabrics without having to spend a lot on fancy tracks or rods. They’re also not as easy to ruin with your stepladder. Here’s another example is taken from the website Curbly.

A bed that doubles as a sofa:

IKEA already has some pretty cool beds, but even these can be turned into comfy couches by adding cushions and blankets. Simply make sure you buy the bed before it’s discontinued – like this one from Sweden.

A hammock as a sofa:

If you’re lacking space or just want to create an artistic atmosphere, opt for this stylish hanging hammock that can attach to any ceiling beam. Perfect for those who want to relax without having to take up too much floor space.

Decorative ledges:

Ledges are basically shelves with no back wall – and they look great! You can use them as window sills or simply as an attractive way of decorating your walls. Ledges come in all shapes and sizes, check out IKEA’s selection for the perfect design.


All these ideas are relatively cheap, don’t take up too much space, and can be adapted to suit any style or need. Although living in an apartment creates some space restrictions, it doesn’t have to feel like a studio.

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