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5 Ways To Improve The Exteriors Of Your Home

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Whether you are the owner of a colonial home or a cottage, deciding on the different modifications to the exteriors can be challenging. One thing that you should work on is not forcing an unrelated style on your abode. Going with the perfect exterior enhancements can help you improve the curb appeal of your residence without going through any hassle. Revamping the exteriors even without going for expensive things can spruce up the value, saleability, and appearance of your entire home. But remember one thing; any home face-lift should be done sympathetically and carefully. With that in mind, here are different ways that can help you in improving the exteriors of your house:

5 Ways To Improve The Exteriors Of Your Home
5 Ways To Improve The Exteriors Of Your Home

Go Green

An evident and impactful way of boosting the curb appeal of your home is adding some fresh flowers and greenery. No, you will not have to spend big bucks on creating a garden, absolutely not. Use plants for framing and accentuating important visual points. You can also get hooked up on a hanging unit. Just a single but beautiful floral arrangement can go a long way in adding to the appearance of your exteriors.

Take Care Of The Lawn

It is good to go green, but at the same time, you should not miss out on lawn care. It is one big and integral part of maintaining the beauty of your home exteriors. Take care of your lawn regularly by raking off dry leaves, mowing grass and pulling unwanted weeds. Lawn care is not a big project provided you are successful in keeping up with it. Keep the entire area well watered for preventing brown spots. You also have the option of considering lawn alternatives such as artificial turf or shrub beds.

Use Pavers For Breathing In New Life Into Patios

Get rid of patios made of poured concrete. Such patios are durable, but they can be an eyesore. Majority of the homeowners are not aware that various other patio building materials can be both beautiful and durable. Making use of concrete pavers, for example, is an excellent idea to breathe in new life into the high-traffic regions. You will get them in varied sizes, shapes, and colors. The only thing that you need to do is find a design that perfectly suits your innovative vision.

5 Ways To Improve The Exteriors Of Your Home
5 Ways To Improve The Exteriors Of Your Home

Use A Lantern

Making use of a lantern can help you in bringing definition and depth to an otherwise flat and dull façade. This is the right lighting fixture that you need in your exterior for sprucing up its appearance. Nowadays, you can find electric lanterns that look right at home on the colonial, farmhouse and other conventional-style homes. It is good to go for nautical-style electric lanterns on Cape Cod or cottage-style homes.

Embrace Symmetry

Going for symmetrical patterns will help you in creating focal points without over-emphasizing the exteriors. Such designs look pleasing, and they can also make the entire home look perfectly put together. You can achieve this look by placing matching plants or lanterns on either side of the front door. The same can be done around the garage door.

You can easily improve the exteriors of your home by planning ahead and by prioritizing the projects that help in making a huge difference.

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