6 Home Decor Hacks To Elevate Your Space

Did you know that even a shrunken and rugged sweater can easily be transformed into a coaster? You will know this only if you have this urge to try out something new for the decor of your residence. If you are the owner of a home, then try coming up with ideas that can make your house more customized and more beautiful. All that you will have to do is just one simple attempt at DIY home decor. Some cool home decor DIY assignments and hacks that are waiting to turn your dreams into reality are as follows:

6 DIY Home Decor Hacks To Refresh Your Abode
6 DIY Home Decor Hacks To Refresh Your Abode

Do-It-Yourself Clothing Rack

Coming up with a DIY clothing rack is something that you might not have tried anytime earlier. This project will help you bring good organization into your home and that too, without the use of anything expensive and troublesome. Experts suggest carrying out this hack without the use of wood glue. Take care not to go about overloading the rack by placing items that you require and nothing else.

Nautical Vase

This can be an affordable DIY vase made of jute rope. It is quite an easy assignment. You need to hot glue the jute rope around a floral container. Place it anywhere in your house for giving it a beach-ready appearance.

Stylish Cabinet Tray

You can easily transform a salvaged cabinet door into a makeshift TV lunch tray or a cheese board by using drawer pulls and paint. The only thing that you need to do is make holes in the board and fill them with wooden filler. Allow the entire thing to dry. Pre-drill the holes, sand, paint and then screw in the handles. Your stylish cabinet tray is ready for use.

6 DIY Home Decor Hacks To Refresh Your Abode
6 DIY Home Decor Hacks To Refresh Your Abode

Blanket Ladder

This will be your way of using fussy throws for making your living room look and feel cozy. Before putting the throws on display, dress them up with pom-poms and large tassels. Knot these onto the end of the blanket and simply display them in the drawing area. This is your economical DIY way of adding a hint of sophistication to the house.

Make Use Of Candle Holders

Get a simple candle holder from the market and offer it a DIY stained glass effect. Stick different sheets of colored paper on the glass for making the unit stand out in your living room or the dining area. You also have the option of punching out designs on the colored sheet for making the thing look more creative and artistic.

Upcycle Wine Bottles

The wine bottles you have accumulated over time do not belong to the dustbin. They have the ability to liven up the drawing space.  Use spray paint for adding some color to the bottles or you can even decorate them by using lace or twines. You can use these beautifully decorated bottles as vases, planters, centerpieces or lighting holders.

That’s all it takes to come up with simple yet attractive DIY home decor. Convert your dreams into realism with them!

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