Bedroom Design Considerations For Kids

Kids Bedroom Design

The best bedroom design ideas for kids are based on the age of your child. There is no one size fits all solution to designing a room that will please every child. Different ages require different types of furniture, colors, and themes. Below are some considerations when it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom.


A room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

A toddler would benefit from having a bedroom design with more open space with few items in their room that could be dangerous or breakable, while an older kid can have more decorative pieces including light fixtures, mirrors or artwork hung up around the room.

Sleep Habits:

A clock in the middle of a room

Children who have trouble sleeping might enjoy having a bedroom design with a dark environment at night with dim lights turned on during the daytime, while others prefer bright spaces filled with natural light or colorful walls.


A little girl may enjoy having a princess theme bedroom design with pink, while boys are more likely to want vehicles on their wall. Not all children fit stereotypical roles, however, so the design of the room should depend on what each individual child wants or needs in terms of aesthetics.

Favorite Things:

You can also let your child help you come up with an idea for decoration by picking out some favorite things they would like to see in their room. If they love cute animals, get them some plush toys or get one high-quality painting that’s large enough to have an animal featured on it. If they are into dinosaurs, then get paintings that feature these prehistoric beasts roaming through exotic jungle landscapes. Be sure to find small decorative items that are not only cute but functional as well.


No matter what your children want, you should always focus on their safety first. Make sure there’s no way they could get hurt by climbing onto the furniture or by tipping over items, electrical outlets, or containers with toxic content should also be covered up. This is especially true for younger kids who are still learning about their environment so it’s important to have special features designed into their room including railings around beds and other elevated surfaces or easy access doorknobs that can open doors easily for adults without causing injury.


In conclusion, there are many different types of bedroom designs for kids. Designing the perfect space will be different from one child to another and what you have in your home as well as how much money you want to spend on furniture or wall decorations. However, these bedroom design ideas should help give you some direction when it comes time for designing a children’s bedroom that is both fun and functional!

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