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For most of us, the thought of hiring a decorator is intimidating. We’d rather do it ourselves or at least DIY most projects to save money. If you’ve ever had second thoughts about taking on a huge project like redoing your entire home, there is another option that might be more achievable: Hire a home stylist. These professionals can help you pick colors, furniture and accessories for different rooms in your house — all with no strings attached. It’s not designer-level work, but it will save you time and stress so you don’t have to manage every aspect of redecorating yourself when even something as simple as choosing new pillows can feel overwhelming.

The Benefits of Working With a Home decorator:

It’s affordable

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Hiring a professional to come in and help you choose paint colors, furniture and accessories is less expensive than hiring an interior designer for the same job.

They’ll help you create a style

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Most people don’t think about having a home decor style until they go to sell their house, but it’s important to begin thinking of one before then so you can maintain consistency throughout your decorating process. When you hire someone to help, he or she will bring unique ideas and vision to your project so you can rest assured that your personal taste is reflected in the room.

It saves time

Even though it might take some time for a professional stylist to come into your space and see what works, weighing all of your options on the surfaces of every piece of furniture would take even longer on your own. By taking things out of storage and adding (or removing) items from your space, a professional can help you narrow down what really makes the room pop.

They know manufacturers and distributors

Many stylists work with furniture and home accessories companies on an ongoing basis so they know about their new products and any sales they might be having all year long. Having this information ahead of time is advantageous because it means you’ll get the best price possible on pieces that suit your taste and fit in your budget.

Their eye for design is crucial to creating a cohesive look once everything is put together

The most valuable thing someone can bring to a decorating project is an educated opinion based on experience — especially when it comes to making sure things flow well from one area to the next or pulling together seemingly disparate pieces to create a cohesive look throughout the entire room.

They can help you pick pieces that are “in season”

Picking out fashion-forward furniture and accessories might not be your thing if you’re not well-versed in current trends, which is why working with someone who keeps up on all of these changes — especially when it comes to home decor — will help you avoid spending more money on something that will become outdated by the time it’s delivered to your home.

They can help you create a beautiful space without overspending.

No matter how much money you have to work with, your goal should be creating a beautiful space within your budget, which is why hiring an expert stylist who has experience working with different price points makes sense. He or she can help you shop for just the right pieces so it still feels like you accomplished something fantastic with what little resources are available to you.

Their ideas might inspire new projects

Whether it’s adding color to an otherwise boring room or simply rearranging furniture based on their suggestions, getting fresh insight from someone who sees spaces in a new way might inspire you to go out and try something new in another part of your house.


Getting down to the nitty-gritty of decorating your home can be time consuming and even frustrating for some. If you’d like to get a head start (or save yourself from falling into a serious decorator’s block), consider hiring a stylist near you who will come in, see what works and create a look for your space that reflects your personal taste.

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