Gothic Home Decor Ideas That You Can Try -

Gothic Home Decor Ideas That You Can Try

gothic home decor ideas

Though gothic culture can take your mind to dark and gloomy elements, it does not mean that you cannot try this as a decorating element for your house. Further, a gothic style does not add spookiness or mystery to your place. But it is one of the best decorating techniques that you can use. It is elegant as gothic designs use dark colors and ornate elements to create a Victorian look. Here we have listed few gothic home decor ideas that are super amazing to try.

But before that, you must know that there are several ways to use these elements to decorate your place. Thus, you need not stick to only one style, i.e., traditional or Victorian. You can try our many gothic modern variations too.

Architectural Features

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Gothic style has some interesting architectural features. Further, this style’s core element is to bring out the primal qualities of any design element.

The arcs, moldings, and other details should deliver a castle-like atmosphere to the place. Idle examples for this are ribbed vaults and pointed arches.

However, the walls will require a special aging treatment to look at the medieval period. You can get this look with faux painted shoes. Further, the color palette should include grey and beige shades. In addition to this, you must have black for outlining.

Other than this, you can even opt for wallpapers. The idea is to opt for a dramatic look.


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Now, you must realize the value of elegance in the gothic style. You must know that this style is not easy to work with. Also, it required bold pieces and high-end fabrics. Further, the furniture requires complex styling with intricate ornate designs and many other details.

However, if you are not much into high-end drama or have budget constraints, there are other aspects to get the desired look. A large chandelier and some small decorative changes can do wonders.


To add a gothic look to your room, it is advisable to use black color. However, remember not to go too much with that as we don’t wish to create a black mansion.

Therefore, go for some rich colors like emerald green, burgundy, ocean blue. Further, balance the dark shades with some earthy tones.


It is essential that in gothic decor, you use high-end fabrics. Therefore, focus on materials like silk, velvet, and satin.

Further, your focus should be on glamour and decadence. You can use silk or velvet curtains that will add some depth to your home. Also, satin is a great option for bedding and pillows.


Now, for lightning, candle holders are a must in the gothic style. Also, it will give you a perfect castle-like feeling. Now, you cannot get enough light with these. Therefore, try to add them wherever possible.

Scented or unscented candles that are totally up to you. Also, you can use lights or bulbs that resemble candles.


So these were some of the ideas that you can use for that gothic look for your home. All of these are simple and not too overboard for your place.

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