Great Lighting Tips For Home Decor -

Great Lighting Tips For Home Decor

lighting tips for home decor

If you are looking to make your home look more like a cozy, inviting abode to entertain guests and relax with yourself, you should take the time to learn about some of the best home decor lighting tips. Lighting can do wonders for your home’s appeal and function. It can brighten up a room and create an ambiance that is relaxing and reminiscent of a quaint country cottage or a fancy resort. This is why so many people choose to incorporate some form of outdoor lighting into their design schemes. The following ideas will help you make your abode look more inviting and provide you with the lighted atmosphere that you are looking for.

Use Accent Lighting

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One of the most common lighting tips is to use accent lighting when you have an area in your yard or garden where you want to draw attention to. You can do this by hanging small wall sconces along the edge of your walkway. You can also hang wall lights along the patio railing or over the side of a porch. There are plenty of other locations where you can use wall sconces and other types of outdoor lighting. Just be sure that whatever fixtures you use are placed so that they won’t cast a shadow on any of your furnishings and furniture.

Think How You Will Use The Lights

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One of the best home decorating lighting tips that anyone can give you is to think of how you envision using the lights in various parts of your house. Once you have visualized each light’s placement, you can then find a space in your home that will adequately accommodate the fixture. For example, you might not want to illuminate a large, brightly-lit mirror on the back of your bedroom closet.

Place A Dimmer Light Over The Mirror

Instead, you could place a dimmer light over the mirror or put one behind the open space in your bedroom closet that faces the window. You could also use a chandelier in this same room, but place it on the lower floor. By changing the chandelier’s height as you move it up or down the ladder, you will keep the light from being directly overhead. Also, placing lights on the ceiling in areas such as hallways or stairways is not a good idea. These areas can easily be overlooked, but if you have a chandelier or similar large ceiling fixture, people will notice the lights even without being aware of the decorative details.

Using Fixture’s Lighting Capabilities

If you have a ceiling fan, you can also make use of the fixture’s lighting capabilities. Ceiling fans come equipped with controls that allow you to adjust the amount of light that the fan will produce. If you plan to use your ceiling fan in a room that receives a lot of sunlight, you should purchase a fan with bulbs that produce more energy-efficient light. Bulbs that are rated for low-light conditions can be found in white or blue varieties. On the other hand, if your room is lit up quite often because of the natural light intensity that streams through the windows, you should consider purchasing fixtures that use light-emitting diodes instead of incandescent bulbs.

Installing Task Lighting

One of the most popular lighting tips for homeowners is to install task lighting. There are many different types of lighting available on today’s market to help you accomplish this task. Consider using a spotlight in a room with a desk. The spotlight will help illuminate your desk even when there are no other bright lights on. You could also purchase a pair of reading lamps or even a night light to add a little extra light to your reading area.

When it comes to lighting for your home decor, remember that the bathroom is where you get ready to go to bed at night. One of the easiest places to install lighting is over the sink. Consider having a wall sconce on either side of the mirror to give the room a soft, ambient lighting effect.

Final Words

Lighting is an essential part of any home decor scheme. You need to be sure that you get enough lights for where you want them and placed them in the right areas. Some lights should be used for the task, such as in the kitchen or bathroom, while other lights can be used for accent lighting or add a soft glow to a picture frame or bookcase. You can create beautiful lighting effects by using various kinds of bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are best for lighting because they are strong and long-lasting. Fluorescent lights are also great for your home decor because they are energy efficient and look wonderful in both bulbs’ styles.

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