Home Decor Tips And Tricks: 8 Wonderful DIY Home Decor Ideas

Home Decor Tips And Tricks: 8 Wonderful DIY Home Decor Ideas

Home Decor Tips And Tricks

Let’s face it- it is not always possible to own a perfect home with all its glamorous looks and feels. However, it is possible to make your home exquisite by playing with its strengths. You can make your home appealing by applying some home decor tips and tricks. And most homeowners do just that by hiding the flaws and freshening up the room decors. As these home decor tips and tricks are DIY, you won’t have to splurge huge cash on them too. So, what difference can you bring to transform your boring home into a peaceful haven with a hint of style?

Home Decor Tips And Tricks: Set The Mood From The Front Door

We all know that the first impression creates a huge impact. Therefore, it’s time to color your front door with glossy and fun colors. In some cultures, people color their doors in red as it means “welcome”. Recently, orange and yellow colors are also gaining appreciation as they are associated with warmth and joy. 

Interesting Home Decor Tips And Tricks
Home Decor Tips And Tricks: 8 Wonderful DIY Home Decor Ideas

Home Decor Tips And Tricks: Let Your Sofa And Chairs Have Talks

Always place the sofa and chairs in nice groupings to invite conversation. As you place your furniture in the living room, you would want to keep the right balance and intimacy. You can create a U-shaped or H-shaped conversation area to make a smooth conversation flow. And never push all the furniture against the walls to make the room look bigger. In reality, when you put the furniture away from the walls, it gives a sense of a bigger room.

Let Your Kitchen Feel The Sun Shine

When you are dressing your windows, the drapes should be elegant and functional. You can opt for sheers along with the full-length panels. It will help the rooms to embrace the sunshine. If your room gets flooded with sunlight, always opt for light-colored drapes to avoid fading. Lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk blends are great for panels.

Home Decor Tips And Tricks: Hang A Mirror Except In Bed Room

If there are mirrors in the room, they will make your space look brighter than usual. As the mirror bounces the light, you would want to place it on the right wall. Therefore, put the mirrors on a 90° angle to windows. It will help the light to circulate throughout the room. However, it is better not to place a mirror across your bed according to the feng shui.

Scale Some Artworks On The Walls

Always hang any artwork to your eye level and not over it. If the artwork is placed at the average height, it will come into direct view to both tall and short people. Also, you must take your wall scale into your account. If the wall is large, you can go with a small group of pieces or an oversize piece.

Home Decor Tips And Tricks: Layer The Lightings

Every room of yours must have three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting aids in overall illumination, and many times comes from the ceiling. Then the task lighting must be over the reading table and kitchen island, whereas accent lighting highlights some special features. If you want to bring some visual trick to the decor, go for some uplights. As an uplight cast a glowing light on the ceiling, your space will look much bigger.

8 Amazing Home Decor Tips And Tricks
Home Decor Tips And Tricks: 8 Wonderful DIY Home Decor Ideas

Keep Furniture Feet Over Rugs

When you are placing your sofa and chairs, keep their four legs on a big rug. It will not only elevate the look of the home but also help to group furniture. With the placement of the rug, it will define as the seating area in your home. For properly accommodating a seating area, the foot rug should be big enough. If you go for smaller rugs, things will look out-of-scale.

Declutter The Home With Professional Help

Surprisingly, when you live in a home for a longer time, you are unlikely to see any mess over time. That’s when you will need some fresh eyes to actually point out your clutters around the house. There are many organizations that offer organizers for a few hours to arrange your closets and bookshelves. It is time to shun 50% of items from the shelves and closets if you haven’t used them for a while. Your home will look clutter-less in no time.

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