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Home Decor Tips For The Holidays

holiday home decor tips

There is something so calming about beautiful holiday home decor. It makes us feel festive and happy and the holiday home decor ideas here should give you ideas on how to achieve this. The first thing to do is to gather all your holiday decorations in one place. It is so much easier if you plan everything well in advance, especially when decorating your bedroom or main living room, where most of the decorations will be placed anyway. Here are some ideas for holiday home decor tips that will really make you feel warm and at ease.

Well-equipped For Festive Season

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Seasonal home decor doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg either, so if you begin sooner you’ll be well equipped for the festive season! Firstly, fill your home with festive ornaments, preferably made from paper rather than plastic as it lasts longer. Decorate your garland ideally using ribbon, but if you don’t fancy sewing then thread your own ribbon around your curtains or table-cloths and use a decorative string to tie tassels onto your Christmas tree. Incorporate lots of ribbons into your overall holiday decor scheme as it’s a simple and inexpensive way to top off your holiday decor!

Get creative when using the Christmas balls you’ve bought ornaments and candles to decorate the table and walls. For a more old fashioned look, why not make some sleigh bells out of some old Christmas cards and glue the pictures to each one. Then paint them bright white or silver to match your Christmas balls. Another easy tip for festive home decor is to add a little oil to the Christmas candles and balls to add a warm, glowing touch to your festive home decor. This works especially well if your candles are white.

Bar Cart

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A Christmas bar cart can make your holiday home decorating ideas come to life! Use glitter to draw on the snowman, reindeer, Santa Claus, and other festive icons you’ve painted on with glitter. Place them on your kitchen table, counter, or wherever you’d like to display them. You can even get creative and make a little bar stool out of a broom handle, a snowman leg, and glued Santa’s eyes – now that’s really festive!

Make your whole kitchen sparkle with Christmas themed lights and artifacts. Buy yourself a little gingerbread man, a stocking full of mulled wine, and a bag of popcorn. Wrap them up in a thin piece of foil, tape the opening to your bar cart, and you’re ready to entertain your guests with the most festive holiday decor you can possibly find! A little further from the Christmas theme, try stringing fairy lights around your door or the windowsill. Make sure you put them in the right places though as you don’t want any guests stumbling around on snowy ground while in search for their presents under the Christmas tree!

Lighting Supplies

If your holiday decorating includes a tree, then you already have one year’s worth of lighting supplies at your disposal. Get creative with your holiday lighting by hanging twinkling lights on the branches of your tree or affixing them to the top of your hanging decorations. String lights across the bottom of your front door, or set them to shine like stars on the ceiling of your living room. You might also elect to light up your kitchen and bath with twinkling lighted candles or even with your very own battery-powered holiday lights.

Don’t forget about your bathroom! Many people use their bathrooms for a variety of reasons during the year. If you don’t have a lot of room for a large holiday display, why not try putting your favorite holiday figurines there instead? You can purchase small ceramic or porcelain figures to take home as keepsakes for the next holiday season, or perhaps you want to give these lovely decorative items as gifts to friends and family during the year.


As you can see, there are many different and beautiful ways that you can use your holiday decor to decorate your home for the holidays. If you follow these simple but effective decorating ideas, you will be able to transform the look of your home while still in the budget. No matter if you plan to sell your home during the holiday season or simply use it as a place of relaxation and comfort, make sure that you have the right type of home decor accessories.

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