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Home Decor Tips India

If you are decorating your own house, you will not just think twice but at least ten whole times before you finalize even a minimalistic detail. This is mainly because you know you will be looking at that decor for at least the next two years or even longer until you decide to renovate your house again. But this isn’t the only reason people like to make sure their house decor is perfect. There are multiple magnitudes of reasons why people are so indulged and only want the best for home decor. The average new home decor in India is unchanged for approximately 4-5 years. So might as well make the one place beautiful that you are to become home to after a tiring day at work. Here are some Home Decor Tips India.

Home Decor Tips India

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Home Decor can be satisfying once it’s 100% done. The outcome of your sheer hard work, finally giving you the desired output is pure bliss. Home Decor in India is usually done by an Interior Designer. It is often perceived that it cannot be done ourselves. Well, it’s time to break that stereotype and get ourselves in the game.

Where to start?

Theme: Decide a theme for your house. Now a theme per se doesn’t have to apply to everything that you add to your house. Your furniture, wall pieces, color, every other thing can have a different theme. What matters is that all the various themes you add blend in and complement each other, and you are good to go!

Start Now

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Make sure your furniture doesn’t take up a LOT of space, giving your space a very congested look.

Get furniture that fits in perfectly, matches your requirements, and gives an elegant look to your space.

Make sure your furniture and the color you decide to give your walls make each other stand out.

Flooring: The flooring matters a lot. It could add a whole new level of richness to your space or overshadow all the other efforts you put into while selecting your furniture.

Wall-pieces – Not everyone prefers to have wall-pieces in their houses. Because it takes a long time to find the perfect pieces that match your theme, the taste is perfect for your space. While it may seem exhausting, it’s worth the effort. Wall pieces add a flavor of elegance to your space and level up your home decor.

Location: Where you place your furniture plays an important role in the overall look of your space. Always stand at the entrance and imagine where you would like things to be. The location is not only relative to the “look” but also convenience. Wherever you place your furniture, your number one priority should be that everything is in a convenient place. Always remember, it’s your “comfort zone” you are creating. Inconvenience would bring out comfort.

Keep yourself first – This doesn’t mean you should completely ignore any suggestions you get from people. Give those suggestions a thought. If they seem appalling, go for it. But don’t do something you aren’t willing to do. It’s your house, the only person who should like it is you and the other people who live there.


Home decor in India doesn’t have to be exhausting. It’s simple and fun, just like it should be. It’s nothing that you cannot do. After all, who else would be better than yourself to recreate your own house? People could give you ideas that you could use, but in the end, it’s going to be exactly how you wanted it to be. And you will be proud of what you have accomplished.

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