How to Treat a Pusheen Cat Infection -

How to Treat a Pusheen Cat Infection

pusheen cat home decor tips

This article will provide you with some great home decor tips for your lovely furry friend. I have to admit that I am a bit of a purist when it comes to my cats. I think they look far better in their own homes and I really enjoy spending time in their indoor environment. In this article I hope to offer some insights to add a bit of personality to your home with these fantastic Cat Home Decor Tips.

One thing that all good cat owners can agree on is the fact that a beautiful house helps to create a happy cat. If your feline friend lives inside you get a much greater chance of spending quality time together, grooming, playing and generally enjoying each other’s company. It is a great experience for both you and your cat to spend time in each other’s company.

An Overview

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If you are considering getting a cat for your home then one of the first considerations will be housing. Is it going to be an indoor or outdoor cat? Although outdoor cats do need a little more room there is no reason why they cannot be successfully kept in a small apartment. You should also remember that an indoor cat will require a litter tray and some form of food and water. As long as you keep these necessities handy then your cat will never run out of them.

To begin with you need to purchase some items for your cat’s room. The most common items are cat beds, furniture and dishes. Cats love having their own little space. Make sure that these items are safe for your cat and that they match your overall style and taste. This way your room will have a cozier feel and look more like a home than just a place to sleep.

As you probably know from reading the news on a daily basis, cats are prone to all kinds of medical problems and this includes urinary tract infections. Urinary tract infections are not something that any cat owner wants to deal with so it is very important that you take your cat to the vet as soon as you can if it is caught early enough. An antibiotic is the first thing you will want to try.

Other Treatment

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If none of the above steps help, then it may be necessary to use an IV. The IV may be inserted by a veterinary nurse or at your home. A cat may also contract a secondary infection if it scratches itself during the process. This means that it may need to stay in the hospital and you will have to come back to pay for its treatment.

After the infection has been treated, the cat will need to be weaned off of its mother’s milk. You may, of course, let it nurse until it is weaned. Many cats prefer to remain on mom’s milk and many people think that it is better for them. Some kittens may even be given formula but I don’t recommend this for the young. Once the infection has cleared, the kittens and cats may drink formula for a short time.

In Conclusion

Keeping the pads of the cat’s paws clean is important as well. Keep the area moist so that there are no bacteria that can cause an infection. It is also a good idea to trim the fur on the base of the cat’s tail. Trim it so that it points down and away from the anus instead of pointing towards it. When the cat is older, it will grow out its pads and it will need to be prodded gently with a finger or a petting pad to get rid of dead skin cells that can harbor the fungus.

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