Mirrored Wall Clocks Sticker For Your Home - The Beauty Of Having It!

Mirrored Wall Clocks Sticker For Your Home

Mirrored Wall Clocks For Your Home

We all want to give a new look to our house. You are starting from furniture’s, wall colors to various other things, we want it to stand out. You might often imagine a stylish room for your home — a particular area which will only be your choice. You might like to have something extraordinary to fit into one wall. The best thing that people are using these days is mirrored wall clocks for home decoration. So, this DIY 3D mirrored wall clock is cool, and it will give your home a stylish look.

Why You Need Mirrored Wall Clocks?

The DIY large 3D mirrored wall clocks look stylish and elegant because of their mirrored surface. Their designs are as simple yet impressive. You can choose the right color that goes impeccably well for the wall color. The numbers will look big on your wall. Moreover, they are fully functional wall clocks and not non-functional showpieces for your home.

DIY Large Wall Clock 3D Mirrored Wall Clock

The DIY mirrored wall clocks consist of acrylic. However, they are very lightweight; and weigh around 350grams. The mirrored wall clocks come in two different sizes like 37 inches and 47 inches.

Also, the product is available in eight different colors. The mirrored wall clocks are available in blue, red, black, and white color. Moreover, golden, yellow, maroon, and off-white colors are also available.

The price for a single set of a mirrored wall clocks will range $34.55 to $36.55. Moreover, this product will reach anywhere you want. The best part is there is no shipping charge.

Easy To Install Without Damaging The Wall Paint

The DIY large mirrored wall clocks are easy to install. You can easily stick it to the wall with the adhesive provided at the back of the watch. Most people avoid these kinds of clocks because the glue destroys the wall texture. However, this product assures you with quality and guarantees no damage to the wall. It is guaranteed that the adhesive behind the wall clock won’t spoil the wall paint even when you decide to remove them from the wall.

When you install, you have to put a battery behind the clock pointer to make it work. For fixing it to the wall, you need to peel off the protective layer behind the sheets. When you are sticking the clock, first adjust the pointer at the center and arrange the numbers accordingly. Finally, your wall clock is ready.


You will love to have a stylish wall clock in your house. People love the elegant piece on their bedroom or hallway wall. You can also buy these as a gift product for your families and close friends. Many people like to keep their home organized and decorated. It is mostly because they find it relaxing. A decorated wall makes your room glow. So, if you are planning to decorate a wall, the clock is perfect. You can adjust it your way. The product is within budget and an ideal addition to your house.

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