Rustic Country Home Decor Ideas – Use Natural Elements to Design Your Theme Room

rustic country home decor

Rustic country decor has to do with cozy wood paneling, stone accents, distressed iron, earth tones, and lots of warm and inviting natural fabrics. Whatever you choose in this design, a rustic country home is always a celebration of nature’s bounty. It’s about utilizing lots of durable wood for walls, doors and floors.

An Overview

A house with a grass field

The furniture you use in rustic style is basic and comfortable. The most common kinds of furniture are tables and wooden chairs with wood accents such as pine or cedar. You can also find rustic country home decor furniture in the form of a bed, dresser or end table. Rustic bedroom furniture is all about bedding and warm, cozy throws and blankets. If your bedroom is big enough, you might want to use an extra bed or bunk bed in the room.

When choosing rustic country home decor items for your walls, you have plenty of options. You can choose to paint each wall a different color, adding texture to your walls (and the furniture and accent pieces you use) by using a variety of natural colors. Or, choose to paint a large wall a muted color so it blends with the room, then add other colors back onto the wall to bring the whole thing together. You can add decorative corbels to the tops of antique window dressers but remember that you need to leave room for the glasses, corbels and hardware on the walls, as well.

Selection of Materials

A bench in front of a tree

Because rustic country home decor focuses so much on natural materials, you’ll also want to use plenty of natural fabrics in your furniture. Natural rugs are a good idea for floors because they are easy to care for and durable. You don’t have to buy an expensive rug; just choose a quality, woven, natural fabric like wool. In fact, you can use practically any type of fabric you find in nature, including recycled fabrics, on your floors, throws, quilts and throw pillows.

Part of rustic country home decorating is using wood in your decor. Wrought iron furniture is very popular in this decorating style, especially beds and dressers. Because you want your furnishings to be as natural as possible, avoid painted finishes or textured wood furniture. Instead, choose furniture in dark woods, like mahogany or oak, which look lighter and more natural. Solid wood furniture is also popular, and you should keep all your modern rustic country home decorating furniture in wood too, like tables and dressers.

Artistic Things

Wall art is a big part of rustic country home decorating, especially paintings and pictures of the countryside. The type of painting you have will depend on the style of your decorating, but remember that you should choose photos of rolling hills, clear skies and beautiful farmhouses. Another popular item is handmade crafts, like quilts and needlepoint blankets. These items are not only beautiful but very relaxing and calming, especially when you are surrounded by such peaceful scenery.

Natural rustic country home decor ideas are perfect for creating a welcoming touch to your home. You can use wicker baskets to hold your plants because these baskets are made from natural materials, and they are very affordable. Another great selection is decorative stone furniture, which can be found in a variety of styles and colors. Keep in mind that stone is one of the most popular items to use because it is so beautiful and provides a warm and inviting touch to any room.


Rustic farmhouse style furniture is also very popular in the style of home decor. You might choose pieces of old-fashioned farmhouse furniture, or you might want to purchase new pieces of furniture for your farmhouse. A big part of rural home decor is the use of items that are handmade or reproductions, which are also referred to as primitive furniture. Wicker and wood are common materials used for making these items because they are more affordable than the other materials often used for making furniture. You might also want to look for items like wooden toy buckets, corrugated boxes and old-fashioned toys to add a rustic country twist to your home.

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