7 Best Interior Tips On Home Decor

Tips On Home Decor

Everyone loves to decorate their home. It can be the volumes of their preferences, choices, ideas, opinions, and décor tastes. So, if you are looking for some tips on home decor, we would like to share some tips from great architects and interior decorators. You can use these tips or modify them, as per your requirements. Furthermore, you may add or subtract a few things to get your desired and beloved home.

7 Best Interior Tips On Home Decor
7 Best Interior Tips On Home Decor

7 Tips on Home Decor

Ensure that your house boasts of a great first impression

This obviously means designing your front door or porch in such a way to leave the guests impressed. It often paves the way for the best first impression, and usually continues until they see the last bit of your house. Therefore, paint your entrance door in vibrant and inviting colors, to look welcoming. You can decorate it with plants, or laughing buddha figurines, to create a very modern look.

Paint your walls in neutral and light shades

Often, people paint their walls in dark shades or vibrant colors, which tend to create a negative impact after some time. Wall paint or wallpaper is something one cannot change often in comparison to accessories. The right thing would be to use light wall colors or neutral wallpapers. You can thus decor it with bright accessories, or change it when required.

Sofas and Cushions

A sofa set in the living room is often space where the family spends most of their time unwinding, relaxing, or even watching television together. Ensure that you invest in a good and comfortable sofa set that can be instantly accessories with dressy cushions when having guests over. So, whenever you are on your own, you can always pack away the cushions and replace them with more casual ones. Also, ensure that your sofas and cushions match with the curtains, dining table, and wallpapers. Do not put mismatched furniture into your homes.

7 Best Interior Tips On Home Decor
7 Best Interior Tips On Home Decor

Sun Shine

When designing your house, if possible, set it in such a way to get ample sunshine in it. Perhaps a balcony or window that brings in maximum sunlight into the house. This is good health-wise and also Feng Shui wise. It also ensures to have a lot of natural light into your home. You can also decorate your windows with sheer and dark drapes. The best ones are those made from linen, silk, or cotton.


Put plenty of mirrors into your house, especially in your hall, as it makes any small space look bigger. They also make a dull décor look brighter. Mirrors have the property of bouncing backlight and make the room look bigger and spacious. However, if you place mirrors at the wrong spot, it may affect you negatively. Mirrors should always be placed perpendicular to windows, and never directly across.


Hang only those pieces of art that are really good. Also, never hang them up too high on the wall. The middle picture should be at eye level. If you have a larger wall, the best bet is to go in for an oversized work of art to make greater use of this space. The ideal way to put two pictures on a wall is to place them 2 to 4 inches apart only.


Every room should have three kinds of lighting. It can be ambient, one that provides full illumination coming from ceiling fittings. One might be put up on the head panel for reading, or dressing light used only for decorative purposes.

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